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What we do

Our integrated platform has been engineered to:

  • Present fastidious antigens, such as GPCRs and transmembrane proteins, during immunization using a tridimensional Spatial Peptides Technology.
  • Increase antibody sequences diversity and titers, using a multi-approach chicken immunization process.
  • Perform unequalled and unique candidate screening via two different strategies: Phage display and Single B cell screening.
  • Convert discovered avian antibodies to fully human formats of interests.
  • Generate production-ready candidates.
  • Identify high-affinity and high-specificity antibodies of avian source.
  • Find functionally efficient antibodies.

Our recognized expertise and its advantages

Diverse antigen forms presented for optimal antibody paratope discovery

  • Proprietary macrocycle antigenic peptide synthesis
  • Structurally complex antigens epitope targeting
  • Genetic Immunization
  • Protein Immunization
  • Whole Cell Immunization
  • Avian immune system providing high-affinity antibodies
  • Highly engineerable antibodies
  • Longer and atypical antibody CDRs
  • Highly reactive to conserved mammalian proteins
  • Antibody sequence enrichment
  • Wide diversity of antibody sequences
  • Direct identification of antibody-secreting cells
  • Wide diversity of antibody sequences
  • Functional screening enabled
  • Immediate cross-reactivity assessment
  • Therapeutic antibody engineering
  • Multispecific design and production

Our antibody discovery process would not be complete without our cutting-edge antibody validation capacities.
Immune Biosolutions’ antibody validation technology opportunities range from classic dose-response ELISA assays to high-throughput surface plasmon resonance, comprising everything necessary for proper antibody qualification:

  • Binding affinity & specificity (High throughput)
  • Epitope binning
  • Functional assays
  • Bulk Properties
  • Identity
  • Purity
  • Potency
  • Safety
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