Immune Biosolutions

End-to-end antibody discovery
from antigen design to humanization

The Nebula Antibody Platform delivers high quality and customized antibody-based therapeutic and diagnostic candidates, starting with as little as a target DNA sequence



Highly specific and functional antibodies powered by IgY
versatility and diversity

The avian immune system (backbone of the Nebula platform) produces a wide and highly diverse range of antibodies against any human antigen, maximizing our chances of finding high affinity/high functionality clones


Highly Structured

Smart synthetic antigens to address difficult targets

To address structurally complex and unpurifiable targets, the Nebula platform designs, synthesizes and utilizes “Spatial Peptides” that mimic high-potential antigenic epitopes in target molecules


The Nebula Antibody Platform

The Nebula Antibody Platform is a proprietary end-to-end antibody discovery system. It has been carefully-designed to deliver highly functional preclinical-ready candidates against difficult targets for a range of therapeutic and diagnostic applications. 

Harness the Nebula Antibody Platform in your own R&D program

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About Immune Biosolutions

We are an innovative biotechnology company specializing in the discovery and engineering of humanized chicken antibodies for targets with recognized, therapeutic and diagnostic potential.

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Using our unique Nebula Antibody Platform, we are developing a robust internal portfolio of highly effective preclinical-ready antibodies. Our initial areas of interest are oncology and gastrointestinal health.

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