Immune Biosolutions

Proprietary design algorithm
for optimal targeting

Combining structural and phylogenetic properties with increased antibody diversity


Humanization of chicken
recombinant antibodies

Harnessing phage-display selection of recombinant antibodies with distinctive therapeutic attributes.

Highly Structured

Antibodies against
highly-structured targets

3D-constrained immunogenic peptides enable to generate antibodies to transmembrane and other structurally-defined targets such as GPCRs.


The Nebula Antibody Platform Generating biotherapeutics for almost every disease area

This proprietary platform combines three key features: proprietary design and synthesis of Spatial peptides, untapped chicken antibody repertoire, and high-throughput selection of phage display recombinant antibody candidates, with flexible formats and fast turnaround time.

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About Immune Biosolutions

Raising premium antibodies to solve world health issues

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Towards global commercialization

100 000 $ for development and commercialization Today, Canada Economic Development (CED) in...

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