Immune Biosolutions selected for JLABS @ Toronto

Immune Biosolutions selected for JLABS @ Toronto Immune Biosolutions is among the 22 growing businesses selected for JLABS @ Toronto. Initiated and managed by the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson, JLABS are a network of 6 tech incubators focusing on life sciences. The newest facility, JLABS @ Toronto, located in the MaRS district, is the first located outside the US. JLABS resident companies Companies hosted in the state-of-the-art infrastructures of JLABS have access to J&J's scientific, operational and business resources. They can conclude partnerships together, but the companies maintain their independence towards Johnson & Johnson.Humanized IgY antibody Targeting GPCRs Immune Biosolutions was selected namely due to its proprietary antibody technologies allowing to generate antibodies against so far deemed difficult if not impossible targets. The latter include G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), flexible transmembrane proteins implicated in a wide variety of diseases. Despite a growing demand and the availability of several small molecules targeting GPCRs and modulating their activity, there is currently no GPCR-targeting therapeutic antibody in the clinic. This is mainly due to technical bottlenecks in conventional antibody generation. However, with the arrival of Immune Biosolutions at JLABS @ Toronto, this paradigm could rapidly change. To learn more Antibody development platform for difficult targets News wire Johnson & Johnson press release